Wdzięczny właściciel psa wykupił weterynarzowi reklamę za 6 mln dolarów

Wdzięczny właściciela psa postanowił w wyjątkowy sposób podziękować za wyleczenie swojego pupila. Kupił klinice weterynaryjnej reklamę za 6 milionów dolarów.

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Still loving and fighting! ???????????? My doctors didn’t give the great news we were hoping for today. They can see some small spots on my lungs have appeared which means the cancer has found another place besides my heart to try and knock me down. The tumor on my heart has not grown which is good news! The spots on my lungs are caught very early since the CT Scan shows such great imaging. They are so small right now that if I had just had an X-ray they would not even be seen yet. I’ve been doing great and feeling so good and my bloodwork is the way it should be. With that being said I will continue some sort of chemotherapy to fight this evil cancer! I do believe all of your love and prayers are helping me tremendously so I thank you again. I’m not forgetting about all of my friends out there who are also fighting the good fight against cancer so let’s all join forces together! ????????????? #ScoutStrong #fightingcancer #cancersucks #beatingcancer #whosagoodboy #scoutsfriends #chemoschmemo #joinforces #prayers #nevergiveup #faith #support #friends #family #smile #goldenboy #brave #beautiful #dogs #dogsofinstagram

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