Kilkukrotnie postrzelona, nie ma oka ani nosa. Mimo to wciąż cieszy się życiem!

Ta niezwykle wzruszająca historia pełna jest cierpienia i bólu. Mimo wszystko ma swoje szczęśliwe zakończenie. Poznajcie Millie i przeczytajcie, przez co przeszła...

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“Hi my name is Millie and I give free kisses!” -Millie #bemoremillie • • • Millie is amazing! You guys know me and you know that I welcome any and all dogs into my life but more often then not the dogs the come to my home are broken and in need of rehabilitation. Often I spend hours, days and weeks “fixing” dogs who are scared and have behavioural problems. I can honestly say that I have yet to find anything wrong with Millie. She’s respectful of my girls, loves to play, yet to have an accident in the house, no separation anxiety at all, loves all people and dogs. I can’t believe my luck and honestly I can’t believe it. After everything she’s been through and having lived in a shelter environment for so long I imagined and prepared to deal with any number of issues or combinations of issues. @vyberimenya did an amazing job of looking after Millie before I found her. They obviously loved her unconditionally for me to have wound up with such a well behaved and well mannered pup. Her one and only naughty behaviour is jumping up but already she is learning. _ Also Bella LOVES Millie but is still in bed rest so isn’t allowed to rough house and play. Maggie is warming up to her in the house but thinks puppy antics shouldn’t be allowed in the house. She did try to box with Millie when walking in the park the other day though. Hope I can get a video of them playing together soon. Mishka is happy to go on walks with Millie but heaven forbid if Millie dares go near Mishka’s favourite toy piggy! I’m just taking things nice and slow for now. Making sure each dog gets the attention they need and all interactions are supervised. I’ll keep you all updated as their relationships develop! 🥰 • • • #rescuedog #rescuedogs #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedogsrock #rescuedogsrule #rescuedogsofig #rescuedogsofinsta #dogrescue #rescuedogsarethebest #rescuedoglife #rescuedogofinstagram #rescuedogsarethebestdogs #rescuedoglove #rescuedogsarebest #rescueddogsofinstagram #rescueddog #rescueddogs #rescueddogsrock #specialneedsdog #specialneedsdogs #disableddogs #disableddog #disableddogsofinstagram #boopmynose #boopthesnoot #boopboop

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