Kilkukrotnie postrzelona, nie ma oka ani nosa. Mimo to wciąż cieszy się życiem!

Ta niezwykle wzruszająca historia pełna jest cierpienia i bólu. Mimo wszystko ma swoje szczęśliwe zakończenie. Poznajcie Millie i przeczytajcie, przez co przeszła...

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“Hello my name is @milliethewunderdog ” – Millie • • • Millie is a 1 year old rescue who currently lives in Russia. Originally named Linda, she was rescued by @vyberimenya who gave her the care she needed. Millie was brutally attacked as a puppy. Shot in the face but thankfully she was found and nursed back to health. • millie is a normal dog in every way except her looks. She can smell and breath through an artificial nose created by her vets. Her nose has been shortened after her jaw bones were shattered by the gun shots. She is so happy and full of life! She can eat normally as well as drink although that long tongue gets in the way and this is something that the vet will need to address when she arrives. Millie can run, jump, play, chew and give kisses like any other dog can her only differences are her appearance. Infact she has a longer snout than many breeds such as pugs, and bulldogs. • I can’t wait for Millie to join the family but first things first, we need to raise funds. Millie will be travelling with Mitya! A sweet medium sized boy who has also suffered immensely at such a young age. His nose was cut off as well as his ears and tail. He needs our help as much as Millie does. Unfortunately the chances of either of these two finding homes in Russia is slim to none. Without our help they would likely spend their entire lives in the shelter. Please consider donating using the link in our bio. • • • #rescuedog #rescuedogs #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedogsrock #rescuedogsrule #rescuedogsofig #rescuedogsofinsta #dogrescue #rescuedogsarethebest #rescuedoglife #rescuedogofinstagram #rescuedogsarethebestdogs #rescuedoglove #rescuedogsarebest #bemoremaggie #rescueddogsofinstagram #rescueddog #rescueddogs #rescueddogsrock

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